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Khaoula was born in 1983 in south west of Tunisia, in an oasis at the entry of the desert. During the last twelve years, she lived in Paris, London and Tunisia.


Khaoula’s work is mainly around perception. Both her paintings and photos are an attempt to capture how a scene, a detail, a motion could be seen through the filter of emotions.


Her paintings, performed in an “action painting” style, are constructed through dripping and pouring techniques, used initially by Janet Sobel (1894–1968) an American painter with Ukrainian origins, then by Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). The two techniques are for her a method to transmit the emotion to the canvas and thus recreate how a scene is perceived through the filter of a specific state of mind.


Her first collection “black-me-out” is a sequence of faces and abstracts seen by a mind in hyper cerebral activity state. The paintings are flashbacks from the war in this mind, black and white like the emotions' roller-coaster, sometimes red, like anger, otherwise grey like scorched earth. Her photographies are a pause mode on the beauty of an instant, a detail or the composition of a scene. 


Until late 2013, Khaoula has been working as a business management consultant and as a trader in London during the Credit Crunch. The decline of the “City”, London's financial district, inspired her first paintings. She currently lives in Paris, launching an internet start-up, and working on various art projects. Khaoula has studied engineering and management.

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